How to hook the reader

how to hook the reader

Starting a piece of writing with an attention grabber is a good approach to securing reader interest. Creating a hook for an essay can involve a question. If you want to hook readers and reel them in, use brain science. Successful writers know how to use stories to trigger an emotional response. Tips for how authors can grab and keep a reader's attention, including good opening hooks for novels. how to hook the reader Be rsader and paint a vivid picture of the scene. Stories make us who we are. I love your style! You can introduce your main character for the first time, describe the scenery, and convey where the story takes place. Want to share this post? Great list, Lisa. They just do. Purchase this video or subscribe to our library of more than instructional writing videos. Even though there's no yhe formula for rexder the perfect essay computer crime sentence, link are ways you can approach all of your stories to draw your audience in, hold their attention, and leave them hankering for more. View Wish List View Cart. Which of these suggestions do you use when you're hooking your reader? Related Posts. Contact me for further information or if you have any queries about your business blog. Writing-ExpositoryWritingWriting-Essays. There are good ways to start an essay and lousy ways. Virtuoso Assistant Follow. If you write for an arts and crafts magazine then your how to hook the reader will hkw different things then readers interested in information about health hpok fitness trends found on a fitness blog. The students also use these to revise. If you continue to use this site, I will assume link you are happy hpw this. No Downloads. By tne way, it was this anonymous note reaeer partly inspired me to create the villain A in Pretty Little Liars — there is nothing scarier than someone watching you and knowing all your secrets! Submit Search. Great post Lisa! My father was and is best described as an intense, idealist with a steel girder of a work ethic and a charm that wears thin under the gun of his laser focused attentions. All good stories need a hook—or an interesting angle early in the story—that draws the reader in. Sanique says:. Students create different lead sentences then choose the one they like best to add to the beginning of their story. Thanks, Karen! This family is wealthy, NYC royalty, living a charmed life. Stephen King could have filled the first pages with exposition of Jack back in his old life, but starting the novel at the hotel — which is a character in itself — plunges the reader into the story. My mom and dad had made an a priori decision.

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